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I Love planners,notebooks and organizers because if i don't  write down things I have to do or remember I will forget them or ignore them when the thought of them crosses my mind as a great procrastinator would do.Therefor I have to have a planner or Organizer to help me not put up things and be productive.But the planners that you can buy in the stores cost a good sum of money and they don't often suit my needs.So i have noticed that some people have created their own planners and offer them free for us to print and enjoy them.I have gothered the best ones on the Internet for you to enjoy too.I am working on making some myself and hopefully I will share them with you soon.
Love Daniella


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Meet the Author
Film student, blogger and chocolate addict, currently in search of big adventures! Moved from Greece to England to chase something. I adore french cinema, vintage style and anything related to chocolate and cinnamon. I blog all the things I love and don't. xxxx Daniella