I Heart This Series: The Paradise

The Paradise

This show is absolutely marvellous.Its based on the novel by Emile Zola called The Ladies Paradise, and it has been my favourite show of 2012 . I don't know when season 2 will come out but the sure thing I cant wait!You should definitely check it out if you like period costume dramas .
P.S. The credits are amazeballs!


The story begins with a girl called Denise Lovett moving with her uncle in the city.Denise realizes that they could not make ends meat with only her uncle's earnings from the shop that he owns and therefor she decides to get a job as a saleswoman at the ladies department store across the street.There she unfolds her skills as a sales person, that are noticed by the owner of the department store John Morey, and a special relationship is formed between them.The series is full of drama , jealousy, and the power of money in the society,but also the dilemma between love and success (Oh look how wonderful I phrased that :-P  )


Joanna Vanderham... Denise (8 episodes, 2012)
Emun Elliott... Moray (8 episodes, 2012)
Stephen Wight... Sam (8 episodes, 2012)
Sonya Cassidy... Clara (8 episodes, 2012)
Matthew McNulty... Dudley (8 episodes, 2012)
Ruby Bentall... Pauline (8 episodes, 2012)
Elaine Cassidy... Katherine Glendenning (8 episodes, 2012)
Peter Wight... Edmund Lovett (8 episodes, 2012)
Sarah Lancashire... Miss Audrey (8 episodes, 2012)
Patrick Malahide... Lord Glendenning (8 episodes, 2012)
David Hayman... Jonas (7 episodes, 2012)
Finn Burridge... Arthur (7 episodes, 2012)


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