Recipe: Delicious Crepes with Cinnamon

Crepe Recipe: 

Whether your a student or a parent ,young or older, this recipe is awesome and super easy (for all of those college students that know nothing about cooking ;) ) You can make youre crepes either sweet or salty ,it depends on what your craving.This recipe is for sweet crepes but you can easily turn them into salty ones by just replacing the sugar with a teaspoon of salt and not adding the cinnamon.

2 Eggs
1 cup of  flour(all purposes)
1 cup of milk
2 spoons of sugar
2 spoons of olive oil (or softened butter)


1. Beat the eggs.

2.Add Milk.

3. Gradually add the flour.
(Stir well so there wont be an "flour bubbles")

4. Add sugar.

5.Add Cinnamon.

6.Add olive oil.

7.After you stir well this is what it looks like:

8.Heat the crepe baking device and pour some crepe mixture .
If you are using a frying pan then add some butter on it before pouring the mixture.

9.Cook it for a couple of minutes until the botton side is light brown then turn the crepe with a spatula and cook the other side.


Serving suggestions

1.The most common and tasty one is adding nutela on your crepe with crushed biscuits or coconut.
2.My personal favorite is using half of mashed banana,with a little bit of honey and cinammon.
you can pretty much add antything you wish, marmelade,peanut butter etc.


My sister and I got over excited...

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