Nomination for best blog/Questions Answered!

Hey! I got nominated by :  for Best Blog (Thank you!) and here are the Answers to the questions that are required :


  • Casual or formal? Casual
  • Favorite sport?  Tennis
  • A quote you like: (There are too many ...) "You say I dream too BIG I say you think TOO small." AND "I hope you live a life you're proud of .If you find that you're not I hope you find the strenght to start all over again.."-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • What do you think about my blog ? I just found it  today but It seams great and you seem to really enjoy working on it .I enjoyed the reviews and the fashion posts(specially the prom one!Great dresses!)And I am looking forward to read more of it!
  • A talent of yours? Painting and maybe singing.. :D
  • Fashion or style? Style , as Coco Channel said: "Fashion fades away, only style  remains the same"
  • Favorite Season? Autumn (I know ... who likes Autumn.. I dont like Summer very much Because it is TOO hot and Spring gives me allergies :/ Thats why I love Autumn Its rainy and not too  hot or cold!
  • Do you like it when it rains? LOVE IT!
  • Define your blog in one word: Journal (I believe my blog is like my journal where I can share all my secrets , whatever type of secret either recipe,DIY, inspiration etc it is..I hope this is a good definition!)
  • Which is or was your favorite class on school? Theatre Studies and Literature

Here are my nominations for best blog:

Can't wait to read your answears ;)

(Answear the following questions!)
  • Casual or formal?
  • Favorite sport?
  • A quote you like:
  • What do you think about my blog?
  • A talent of yours?
  • Fashion or style?
  • Favorite Season:
  • Do you like it when it rains?
  • Define your blog in one word.
  • Which is or was your favorite class on school?
Don't forget to grab the bagde before you go!


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