Let's talk Fashion! (Somehow...)

Let's start by saying that I'm not the biggest fashionista out there. Fashion it's just not my thing. But that doesn't mean that I don't like clothes, shoes, dressing nicely and that I wouldn't want a room-closet... I just like what I like to wear, sometimes others might not like it, that's ok by me.And if I'm going to post Fashion posts it would propably be either some items I found interesting or a trend I might have heard of and liked ( or not), but I won't propably give advices and staff like that because again I'm not good at it. Having said that, this post is inspired by a film (book) that came out recently The Great Gatsby. I haven't seen the movie yet, because I want to read the book first (which I haven't read yet either), but I saw the trailer the billion articles, pictures etc on the internet and I listened to the soundtrack (which btw, is freaking awesome!). Not to mention that the 20's is my absolute favourite Fashion time period! I love everything about the fashion at  that time, sequins, feathers, sparkly dresses, the hear, the lipstick and mostly.. the shoes! So here's my "look" inspired by the 20's/The Great Gasby theme:

Links with stores with the items of the picture:

My Polyvore Set:

The great Gatsby Inspired look (20's)

Vero Moda hi lo dress
$23 - oliverbonas.com

Zara lace flat

Turquoise handbag

SELECTED bracelet jewelry
$39 - nelly.com

Forever 21

 Share in the commends below your feelings about fashion,the 20's, the Great Gatsby any anyhing else you wish to share!

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