Man Cave Makeover - Perfect Gift Ideas to Decorate His Room

Dear Beautiful Everyone,

Man Crates Gifts for Men contacted me to take part at the 'Man Cave Makeover' campaign and I was more than happy to do so. The idea is to find items to decorate a man's room. Sometimes boys find hard to make their room feel comfy, organised and looking nice at the same time. So as Barney would say 'Challenge Accepted!'

Here are a few items that I thought would be great for a 'man's cave':

Boys,Girls, cats and dogs, everyone loves cushions (aka throw pilows). You can find some pretty cool ones, like my friend the octopus right here, which match the style or character of the person you're getting it for. They can spice up a boring sofa and comfy to lie on, if your man decides to take a nap.

I found these maps half globes on a vintage shop in my area and I thought they would be great to decorate the room. Placed on a wooden small table near the coach or coffee table. On their own or with books. Men usually love traveling and gifts related to it can not go wrong.

Etsy is my 'to-go' online shopping place for unique presents and decorative items. This bottle opener can be attached to a wall near the 'bar' area of the room (there's always a bar area). It's not only a great decorative item but also very practicle!

A Crates Bookshelf! You can either make it or buy it (Etsy!), it's such a great idea to store everything from their favourite DVDs and comic books to anythng else they might want to show off. It gives the room a warm feel and a personal touch that a plain bookshelf wouldn't.

My last item would be scented candles. I know you'd think that it's a girls favourite but trust me. Every guy I know loves scented candles. They love them. They might not always have them in their man caves but they love them. Pick a scent which you think he'd love and in a cute glass jar, like the above ones. Bonus for adding something simple that smells heavenly and adds a bit of character to the room.

I hope you found this useful. If you have any other ideas you'd like to share please do so, i'd love to hear them!

Till next time!


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