The diving bell & the butterfly.

I had to watch the film for my course, as I was doing my essay on it and let me tell you it is a great film, very beautifully shot and a great moving story. It is based on the book of the same name which I decide to give a read as it is an autobiography of Dominique Bauby, the editor of the french Vogue magazine, depicting his life after a stroke which paralyzed the entirity of his body except his left eyelide. With the blinking of his eyelid he managed to communicate and write the book. That alone is a great achievement and worth reading the book for.

When I talk about books, films etc and 'reviewing' them, I don't usually say much, cause whenever I read reviews either positive or negative before seeing or reading it, I feel my mind is influeced by it and doesn't let me to form my own genuine. So I am not going to say much, I will leave it to you to review it.

Bauby already a writer and the desire to write a book long before his stroke, didn't suprise with how the book was beautifully written. I found it very interesting and touching not in a sobby way but in a grounded human reality kind of way (if that makes sense at all). Give it a read and let me know what your thoughts :)



  1. It is a wonderful movie. I watched it myself without knowing at all what I was in for. I was pleasantly surprised.



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