a lot of the time, i make things hard for myself , no scratch that, all the time. That is because I feel that I deserve more whatever I get in the end, if I work hard for it. A lot of the times I don' t think I deserve the things I have at all. I don't deserve the great friends I have, the degree, the job , the leisure time, the extra drinks, the books I buy online or in the bookstall at our campus, the film I watched the money I spent, the good things people say about me. I don't deserve it all. That's how I feel most of the time, I want to hear it but I don't believe it. They say how great it is what I'm doing, how much work I put in, how strong I am, how great I am, but i don't believe them. I keep asking for them to be honest, BE HONEST! Don't tell me I did a good job, I wrote a good script, I did a good performanace. I want to hear the truth. But what is the truth? What if you said the truth? Would I believe you then? I feel often I have achieved nothing of great value and the future holds nothing of great purpose. Purpose, what a word. It can wrap you nd twist you until there's none of you. It can make yo sweat, cry and forget your name just so you find it. Why do we let it feel us up with this doubt, why do we let that happen, what do we fear? Thoughts, so many thoughts.


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Meet the Author
Film student, blogger and chocolate addict, currently in search of big adventures! Moved from Greece to England to chase something. I adore french cinema, vintage style and anything related to chocolate and cinnamon. I blog all the things I love and don't. xxxx Daniella