twenty two

    When I was a kid I thought growing up happens overnight. That I would wake up one day and suddenly I would have everything figured out and I would know who I am and where I stand in this world. But that's not how it is and if there's one thing I've learned whilst growing up its that growing up is a slow ongoing process that constanly challenges us and changes us in ways we wouldn't have thought. I think this constant progress is what scares me, I fear of change as much as I welcome it.  What happens next? Who will  I be tomorrow? Will I lose the person I was yesterday? It is weird how sometimes I feel like I am a grown up and others that I am still that kid who thought growing up happens overnight. I guess I am scared of many things, I am going to fail in many things, in twenty years I might not be where I imagine myself to be or who I imagine I will be. But I also know as many fails as there are there are successes as well, and whoever I am changing to be, I hope I will keep a part of me same as the kid who thought that growing up happens overnight. As Peter Pan said 'To live would be an awfully big adventure' and maybe what I am trying to say is that, yes I am terrified but I am ready to be terrified of this big adventure that is life.  Growing up can only be bad if you let it be, so happy birthday to me.


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Meet the Author
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